Hilbilly Scrappin Virtual Retreat July 2024

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I samarbeid med Hillbilly Scrappin' inviterer vi til "virtual retreat" proppfullt av kurs og inspirasjon.  Treffet foregår i en lukket Facebook-gruppe 26-28. juli 2024.  Kursene holdes fra Australia, men alt blir liggende i gruppa, så man kan se det når man ønsker.  Det blir også oppvarmingsoppgaver og annen moro, så her lønner det seg å melde seg på tidlig.  Norske deltakere er med i loddtrekningene som foregår, og premiene våre er billetter til supre online kurs eller nye "retreats".  Så snart billetten er betalt, så sender vi navn og epostadresse til Hilbilly Scrappin' og de slipper dere inn i gruppa. Nå er det i hvert fall ingen grunn til å sove bort sommernatta. 
Discover the Global Crafting Celebration: Hillbilly Scrappin' TIME TREK WITH MATILDA
Step into our  time machine and journey through magical eras with Matilda, our intrepid Aussie time traveler, as your guide. Say goodbye to ordinary retreats and prepare to waltz through time  and space with us at Time Trek with Matilda Virtual Retreat, a crafting adventure like no other!
What Awaits You:
Exclusive Workshops: Dive into live workshops led by renowned tutors from around the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Europe the UK, and more. Expect familiar faces alongside fresh talents, each contributing a unique thread to our tapestry of talents.
Diverse Crafting Techniques: Explore a spectrum of crafting techniques perfect for mixed media and art journal enthusiasts, featuring beloved brands and exciting new additions to the HillbillyScrappin' lineup. From timeless traditional methods to cutting-edge contemporary styles, there's something to ignite every creative spark.
Community and Connection: Engage with fellow crafters in our private Facebook group, where ideas flow freely, insights are shared, and friendships flourish. Please ensure you provide your current email address when purchasing the virtual experience to stay in the loop.
More Than Just Learning: Enjoy hourly lucky draws, live product demos WITH TUTORS , virtual tours of our online store warehouse, and thrilling challenges. Plus, seize exclusive discounts and enter our major raffle draw for a chance to win WONDERFUL VIRTUAL CLASSES AND A CHANCE TO WIN A TICKET TO THE NEXT VIRTUAL
INCLUSIVE CLASS ONLY OPTION: Due to logistical constraints, we're unable to ship physical supplies internationally. However, fear not! Your reduced-price registration includes access to ALL classes and digital resources. We'll provide a detailed list of class kit contents for you to source locally or substitute with your own stash. Additional kits are available for purchase to enhance your creative journey.
Our Esteemed Tutors: Featuring a stellar lineup of experienced artists and designers from across the globe, including Emma Zappone, Marlene Miejer Van-Nerkerk, Elisa Ablett, and more! Stay tuned for additional tutor announcements.
?? Date: THURSDAY JULY 25, 2024, to Sunday, JULY 28, 2024
?? Time: Friday to Saturday - 9 am to 9.30 pm, Sunday - 10 am to 9.30 pm EST
CLASS ONLY* Cost: $80 AUD (includes all classes, digital items, and virtual experiences) *AVAILABLE TO INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPANTS ONLY
This retreat isn't just about refining your skills; it's about celebrating the diverse and rich cultures of mixed media craft. Join us as we unite crafters from around the world to create a masterpiece of ideas, techniques, and lasting friendships.
Immerse yourself in this unparalleled virtual retreat. Spaces are limited, so secure your place early and become part of a journey that combines warmth, diversity, and endless inspiration. Let's craft a story together that transcends time and resonates with creativity and camaraderie.
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